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Equipment Testing

We execute field tests of common construction equipment. Bearing in mind that no two machines will work the same, we go behind leaflet parameters to show and prove what’s really important.

Our reviews can be found on /, which are the most visited construction equipment web sites in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

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Renting Your Machines Easily

Put you machines on the map to let others rent them. Provide the hirer with the nearest equipment that suits his job and requirements. is a place to show off the equipment available for work. In case the hirer is not sure about the right machine, he can simply choose the task to be done and our system does the rest..

Selling Your Equipment Fast

If you want to buy or sell used equipment in the Czech and Slovak markets, is the way to go.

Place several advertisements for free or let your whole inventory upload and synchronize automatically with no additional effort. is a reliable used machines source with state-of-the-art scam protection.

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Safeguarding of Heritage

We cooperate with technical museums to put the most important historic equipment in their museum collections.

Legislation Monitoring

We observe legal changes and tendencies in the world to be able to give our audience advices and explanations.


Your article is coming at the right time. This system happens to be tried on our construction site and I tell you from my heart – I am looking forward like a child.

– Pavel Regner, Site Manager

From your article I’ve learned much more than from Wikipedia and experienced operators. Now I know the principles of all the levelling systems. Thank you very much!

– Martin Urban, CTL Operator

Brilliant arrangement, lovely hostesses, balanced composition of machines, refreshment and gathering in the hotel restaurant… I must say: Well done! THANKS!!!

Aleš Handšuh, Owner-Operator

The meeting was splendid! A hundred times better than a trade fair – a man can try machines in the field.

Roman Prchal, BHL Operator